All Further Articles for 2011-04-21

Thursday, April 21, 2011
In Memoriam
Photojournalists Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros were killed in Libya; their work lives on. Hondros pictures, some taken hours before his death, here; a moving account of his return to Liberia to find one of his subjects here. Hetherington's film from a few months ago, Diary , in More . And an acknowledgment here that the front page deaths of these two men are ultimately no more or less tragic than the many other deaths that day in Misrata.
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On Art and Money and Their Oil-Slicked Connections
British environmental protesters marked the anniversary of B.P.'s Gulf disaster with an oil-glazed activist curled on the floor of the Tate Museum for 87 minutes - one for each day the oil poured forth. Also, a petition protests the Tate's BP sponsorship.
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Koch Brothers Buy Their Way Into, Then Breezily Skew, Civic Discourse
Following a strategy of ignoring the facts and killing the messenger, the billionaire Koch Brothers have responded to the Center for Public Integrity's report on Koch lobbying activities by mounting a smear campaign against the Center - complete with the real "Koch facts" - while refusing requests to speak with them. In the last elections, though, the Kochs did tell 50,000 employees who to vote for and what disasters would befall them if they didn't. Citizens United rendered such corporate politicking marginally legal, though still, of course, supremely sleazy.
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