On BP And An Entirely Reasonable Anger

On BP And An Entirely Reasonable Anger

Abby Zimet

A year after the B.P oil catastrophe - a year in which Congress considered over 150 bills to make oil and gas drilling safer but didn't pass any - B.P. has begun giving money again to John Boehner and other Republican leaders. Gee, we wonder what they want. If you're not angry yet, here's 10 excellent reasons why you should be. Most importantly, Diane Wilson - 4th-generation shrimper, Code Pink founder, afflicter of the comfortable, and author of "Diary of an Eco-Outlaw: An Unreasonable Woman Breaks the Law for Mother Earth" - is still some pissed.

"Fishermen (aren't) quick so it took us forty years to see the pipes and cement and metal towers and tanks and flares and fences and chemicals of every description that were coloring the very air we breathed. And, I say with every ounce of kindness that I possess because I love the fishermen, we were fools."


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