Who You Calling A Racist, Violence-Prone Extremist?

Who You Calling A Racist, Violence-Prone Extremist?

Abby Zimet

After months of planning, an anti-terrorism drill in a small town in Iowa featuring enacted shootings by white supremacists angry about undocumented immigrants was cancelled after aforementioned white supremacists, umm,  threatened officials about it. The planned exercise in Treynor - population 919, with one person of color - had been blasted by local anti-immigrant extremists for portraying them as, umm, extremists.

"If the organizers in Pottawattamie County were to choose a more viable scenario for a terrorist attack there would be strong support from all patriotic Americans.  Perhaps the discovery of a plot to bomb government facilities hatched inside a local Mosque by Islamic radicals would be a good choice."

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