All Further Articles for 2011-03-25

Friday, March 25, 2011
We Can't Control The Monsters We Create
A moment of clarity from comedian Lee Camp, who takes on nuclear disaster, oil spills, Gaddafi, Beck and the Snuggly. In More.
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Donuts For God's Glory
Church-going Christians are 50% more likely to become obese than godless barbarians, says a new study . Even the apostles are eating more over the last thousand years. Notwithstanding the body as temple, one academic suggests churches are "a feeding ground for gluttony." Harsh.
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"Imagination At Work," Or Figuring Out How to Pay No Taxes On Obscene Profits
General Electric, the nation's largest corporation and maker of Japan's failed nuclear reactors , last year had profits of $14.2 billion. They paid no taxes - and claimed a $3.2 billion tax break thanks to fierce lobbying and what the Times calls "innovative accounting." And Obama just named its CEO his business liaison. An infuriating look at what's wrong with capitalism, and this weekend's US Uncut actions to protest it.
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Let Them Eat Picket Signs
ThinkProgress caught another, especially sleazy move by the GOP to punish unions: a provision buried in a food stamp funding bill that would cut off benefits to any family if a parent is on strike. Turns out they're not the first guys to think strikers' kids shouldn't eat; thankfully, some disagree .
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