All Further Articles for 2011-03-14

Monday, March 14, 2011
Scraping By On $7.5 Million
A new survey shows that rich people only feel rich if they have at least $7.5 million. Millionaires also feel more upbeat than they have for years; their 5% of the country now controls 56% of its wealth. But listen to Samuel Johnson: "Avarice is always poor." Let them eat cake laced with shame. “Wealth is relative, and to some extent the more you have the more you realize how much more you need.” - a rich guy
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Nuclear Energy 101 and Other Ways To Stay (Reasonably) Well-Informed
With frightening and conflicting news out of Japan, where to go for more reliable sources than CNN's unnamed "officials"? You can try: International Atomic Energy Agency ; Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) ; English-language live-stream from Japan; and a geological how and why of what happened. For those whose knowledge of nuclear power is limited to The Simpsons , a look at just how it works, with more from the Union of Concerned Scientists .
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Kucinich In Wisconsin: "Be Strong! We Will Fight Back!"
A great, fiery speech by Dennis Kucinich to the assembled masses in Wisconsin. Video and transcript. This is a moment in American history where we're called upon to respond with everything that we that we can reclaim the essence of economic justice before it is somehow lost on the corporate scaffold!"
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