Fetus Will "Testify" When Abortion Circus In Town

Fetus Will "Testify" When Abortion Circus In Town

Abby Zimet

Showing a gift for unprecedented sensationalism, so-called right-to-lifers in Ohio have scheduled a nine-week fetus as a legislative witness on a bill that would outlaw abortions after a heartbeat can be detected - as early as 18 days. The pregnant woman, with her ultrasound projected, will appear in support of the Heartbeat Bill, viewed as a "frontal challenge" to Roe v. Wade. Faith2Action anti-abortion activists also plan to send heart-shaped red balloons to legislators. What's striking about their promotional video is the distorting language: Abortion is "discrimination against the young" and fighting it is "protecting children." Also: the word "woman" does not appear.

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