All Further Articles for 2011-02-11

Friday, February 11, 2011
Smearing Anonymous, Wikileaks, Greenwald and Anyone Else They Can Find
There's been some bizarre labyrinthian skullduggery unfolding whereby a private computer security firm tried to bring down Anonymous to bring down Wikileaks and its supporters. It would be laughable if it wasn't so scary to Glenn Greenwald, one of their targets, who notes the real issue is "just how lawless and unrestrained is the unified axis of government and corporate power."
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The People's Power
History made in Egypt. Astounding. "I am so proud. I am so proud." - tearful Al Jazeera reporter
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Defending the West, As In, White Male People
High times at the annual meeting of right-wingers dubbed the Conservative Political Action Committee. First, Donald "Defender of the Constitution" Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney - heckled as "murdering scum"- got booed . Then the "triumphant" presence of Youth for Western Civilization ( YWC ), a new generation's white supremacists. The right sure can throw a party. More on YWC, classified as a hate group, here . “Diversity can be good in moderation... Most Americans don’t mind a little ethnic food, some Asian math whizzes, or a few Mariachi dancers (if) these trends do not overwhelm the dominant culture.”
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