All Further Articles for 2011-01-31

Monday, January 31, 2011
Chimps In Space
Fifity years ago today, Ham the Astrochimp had a breakfast of baby cereal, condensed milk and half an egg before boarding a NASA space capsule and becoming the first chimp in space. Life has published new photos of a key moment in the space race. Ham returned safely to earth, but press accounts often fail to mention he was "trained" with electric shocks through his feet. Sputnik moment, indeed.
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In Egypt, Still Read It, Watch It, Rebuild It
With Al-Jazeera banned and the Internet largely down, information is still making its way out of Egypt. The country's print front pages are here, Al-Jazeera still has coverage here , as does The Guardian here. Net activists from Anonymous and We Rebuild offer ways to get online. In More , dramatic video of protesters massing and getting hit by water cannons as they pray.
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Dirty Secret Money At Rancho Mirage
S heriffs' deputies with riot gear confronted about 1,000 protesters at a ritzy well-guarded southern California gathering of the Koch brothers and over 200 right-wing high-rollers, many arriving in private jets. They are expected to raise millions for the 2012 election. More on the protests, where 25 were arrested, here. Van Jones on the Koch concentration of money and power here.
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