All Further Articles for 2011-01-28

Friday, January 28, 2011
Pictures of Egypt
Dramatic slideshows of events in Egypt here and here.
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Banking 101: When You Get the Bailouts, You Don't Care About the Shame
They're back! Another whip-smart, hilarious video from Omid Malekan, whose little guys explain bank bailouts, "too bigger-er to fail," and why Goldman Sachs alone didn't buy more banks with its generous stash of taxpayers' money: "Because when you already own the US government, you don't need to buy any more banks." Asks one with dismay, "Is this some kind of sick joke?" Essentially: Yes. On what banks did with their bail-outs: "That does not sound like the gratitude. That sounds like the screwing of the American people."
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Gun Rights For Toddlers, And Pretty Much Everyone
Police in Florida, where a pending bill would ban doctors from asking patients if they have guns in their homes, are investigating the case of a five-year-old who dropped a loaded handgun in his pre-K class. And a host of new state laws – in Minnesota , Wyoming , Nebraska , Michigan – would allow more guns in more places, including schools and day care centers. Obama says it might be time to consider the issue of gun control. You think?
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Thursday, January 27, 2011
Egypt Rises Up
Protests are escalating in Egypt, where a pro-democracy leader arrived to join what is expected to be a huge march today. Internet service reportedly went down after the AP released raw video showing angry crowds, clouds of tear gas and a protester getting shot. Al-Jazeera live stream here.
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