All Further Articles for 2011-01-26

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
The Face of Demolition
In the wake of the release of al-Jazeera's Palestine Papers, a look at the heartbreaking reality that is Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes. Photo essay and video capture the destruction by Israeli bulldozers of seven homes in Lydd, just east of Tel Aviv. The action displaced 67 members of the Abu Eid family, including dozens of children, during a fierce rainstorm. Background here.
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Agh! Loving Parents! Quick! Hide the Kids!
A US Weekly cover shot of Elton John with his partner and new baby was evidently too much for an Arkansas Harps grocery store. So they plastered it with a "family shield" to protect young innocents from all that happiness. Update : They took the shield down . Lesson here: Speak up.
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An Implement Of Freedom
Displaying an incomparable sense of timing and priority, Utah lawmakers have voted to declare the semiautomatic M1911 pistol the official State Firearm. Utah thus becomes the first state to adopt as a symbol, not just a gun, but the kind used in many mass killings. "It's an implement of freedom that has defended America for 100 years...This firearm is Utah." – the bill's sponsor.
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The State of the Facts
Last night's State of the Union speech had some good visuals, especially those "let's all get along" touches. But both sides ignored alot of hard facts. What the GOP rebuttal got wrong here . What Obama sidestepped here and here. On Bachmann, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has the Quote of the Day: "(She) is clearly not in touch with the mothership."
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