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Abby Zimet


Never mind Tucson or the recession: An overflow crowd of 57,000 jammed the 50th anniversary of the nation's largest gun trade show, where the Glock reigned supreme and mental health failures explained
Jared Loughner and gun control was happily declared "a failed social
experiment." The crowds at the annual Shot Show in Las Vegas reflected
national trends: last year federal and state officials processed 14
million background check requests, up almost two million from the year

A carpeted expanse set aside for Glock - maker of the Glock 19 pistol
that Mr. Loughner is accused of using - was one of the largest spaces at
the convention. Two
Glock employees, dressed in black, stood on a riser and offered tips on
target shooting. "How many Glock shooters do we have in the crowd?"
asked Randi Rogers. As just about every hand rose, Ms. Rogers smiled
and said, "Oh, I like that." 

"It's like waking up on Christmas everywhere you turn." - John Brand of Logan's Gun Shop in Oklahoma.

A telling slideshow of the goods here. More on the NRA's defense of controversial high-capacity gun clips here.

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