God's (Well-Armed If Mis-Informed) Army

God's (Well-Armed If Mis-Informed) Army

Abby Zimet


Taking Louisiana up on its generous offer to bring their weapons into houses of worship, members of Bossier Parish churches have begun firearms training sessions at the local sheriff's gun range – the same sheriff whose "Operation Exodus" last year armed 200 volunteer residents with shotguns, riot shields, batons and a mounted machine gun to train them "in the event of a struggle." A question: Given our history to date, shouldn't the targets at the gun range be, not men clearly of Middle Eastern descent, but pasty white guys?

"Each and
every one of you here are patriots because you care to provide
protection to the innocent," said state Rep. Henry Burns, the author of last summer's bill allowing guns in churches, who visited the class. "We should be able
to worship our Lord without fear."

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