Shame on Them

Abby Zimet

Despite a valiant (but unsuccessful) move by Democrats to make health care repeal contingent on more than half of Congress opting out of their own benefits, the GOP is moving ahead with killing reform that so many people need. Key among them: veterans. has a letter from one, Kate Golden, explaining why. Read it and weep. 

To the Editor:

As a veteran, I am appalled that the first act of the new Republican
Congress is to vote to repeal the landmark health care law passed last

After serving our country in support of all those injured in Iraq and
Afghanistan, I was medically discharged in 2005 for injuries I
sustained in the line of duty. I now have a spinal cord injury, and can
only leave the house assisted.  My husband has to stay home to take care
of me, so we live on almost nothing.I cannot afford a motorized
wheelchair or a vehicle in which to transport me.

I have tried everything to get insurance but no one will take me,
because of my injury, which they consider a pre-existing condition. Just
before Christmas, I had to be hospitalized for less than 24 hours with
the bill coming to over $14,000. It costs me almost $400 a month for my
medications. My credit is ruined because of my medical bills. My husband
and I were expecting a child in 2008 and she was stillborn. Because of
the complications, the hospital bill was over $40,000 plus the funeral
costs for our daughter. I am not alone.

The only hope for the future that I have is that the new health care
law, derided as "Obamacare," will allow me access to insurance by
banning "pre-existing conditions," and the cost controls will make
insurance affordable to me.  I hope those in the House think of that,
when they so brazenly vote to take away from me and other veterans what
the law will bring to us.


Kate Golden
U.S. Air Force Veteran

A petition opposing repeal is here.

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