The Pearl Project: The Truth Left Behind

Abby Zimet

Begun by a friend and colleague of Daniel Pearl, an exhaustive
investigative journalism project on the kidnapping and murder of Pearl
by Pakistan militants in 2002 has been published.
Students from Georgetown University and the Center for Public Integrity
spent three years doing hundreds of interviews, studying thousands of
documents, and filing lawsuits against eight government agencies. Key
findings of the inquiry: Pearl's kidnapping and murder was a complex,
often chaotic plot by 27 members of at least three different militant
groups; at least 14 of them remain free, and many mistakes were made. A tragic, admirable


"We had 32 students. Danny was the 33rd member of our Pearl Project team. Through his
emails, his last interviews, and the details that emerged from his last
days, he was our guide, shining a light into a dark abyss of militancy,
extremism, and terrorism. This is his last story." 

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