The Wisdom to Walk Through An Open Door

The Wisdom to Walk Through An Open Door

Abby Zimet

I'm sorry. I can't resist this. In truth, I dunno if it fits our mission to "ignite change for the common good." Perhaps not. It's more like a car crash you can't look away from. And a vital if somewhat opaque commentary on the unfathomable times, and the distances between us. Maybe Lenny Bruce could make sense of it. Or Molly Ivins, or John Prine, or Oscar Wilde. I can't. It's about how God and the Tea Party and that dreadful Sarah person will take back our country. But it raises so many questions: Back where? To what end? Where'd she get that skirt? Etc.

"Sarah Palin she won't listen to their bunk/ Sarah Palin's coming south to hunt some skunk." – Sarah Palin Battle Hymn


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