All Further Articles for 2011-01-19

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Even Unto Violence and Riots, God Still Blesses Us
Amidst the debate about charged political rhetoric, Time Magazine decided to ask "leaders and thinkers" if we are becoming "an uncivil society." The first person on their illustrious panel : Glenn Beck. "I have challenged the media and (politicians) to take a firm stance against those advocating riots and violence. I hope they will join me. Either way, the truth is clear: God has truly blessed this extraordinarily civil republic."
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Where Are The Jobs?
About 200 union workers, many in hard hats and overalls, crashed a meeting of mortgage bankers to protest $900 million in bailout money to a buildlng company that not only didn't create any new jobs with it, but laid off workers. The mystery here: Why doesn't this sort of action happen more? "We came here to get our bailout." - Allen Silver, a newly laid-off sheet metal worker.
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A Glimmer of Hope
A new poll finds that more Americans have a favorable view of Socialism than Teabaggers. Just barely, but these days we'll take what we can get.
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Defending the Indefensible
The GOP's feverishly working to get rid of government-sponsored health insurance - except for themselves. Only eight have opted out of a generous federal plan subsidized by us. As the tawdry repeal debate plays out, watch them babble and scramble to explain why they're taking what they want to deny us. Or complain.
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Feed and Shelter A Friend (If They Jump Through Many Hoops and Agree With You About Everything)
First the city of Houston shut down the Herrings' "Feed A Friend" program that fed the homeless every day for over a year; officials said they lacked a permit. Now a homeless shelter in Georgia, the so-called House of Mercy, is refusing to take in anyone who's gay "because of the Bible, of course." Priorities, please, you hypocrites. To help the Herrings, who in the meantime have been delivering sleeping bags, go here . To tell the shelter to get over it and show some compassion, go here .
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The Wisdom to Walk Through An Open Door
I'm sorry. I can't resist this. In truth, it might not fit our mission to "ignite change for the common good." It's like a car crash you can't look away from. Or a vital if somewhat opaque commentary on the unfathomable times, and the distances between us. Maybe Lenny Bruce could make sense of it. Or Molly Ivins or John Prine or Oscar Wilde. I can't. It's about how God and the Tea Party and that dreadful Sarah person will take back our country . But it raises so many questions: Back where? To what end? Where'd she get that skirt? Etc. "Sarah Palin she won't listen to their bunk/ Sarah Palin's coming south to hunt some skunk." – S.P. Battle Hymn
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