GOP Health-Care Repeal: A Fact-Twisting Crock

GOP Health-Care Repeal: A Fact-Twisting Crock

Abby Zimet


Despite a new study
by the Department of Health and Human Services that up to 129 million
people - that's one in two - have a pre-existing condition that would
leave them without coverage if health care reform is repealed, the
intrepid GOP is forging ahead this week with an effort to do just that.
Proving they are the party of sensitivity, though, John Boehner has
stopped blasting the new health care law as "job-killing" and started using the gentler, kinder term, "job crushing." House Republicans have defended their
claim that health care will destroy a gazillion jobs in a 19-page report. Small problem: It's not true here, or here either.

"The claim has no justification," said Micah Weinberg, a senior
research fellow at the centrist New America Foundation's Health Policy

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