As Maine Sorrowfully Goes: "Kiss My Butt"

As Maine Sorrowfully Goes: "Kiss My Butt"

Abby Zimet

This makes us sad. Maine's new governor, a Tea Partier named Paul LePage, told the NAACP
he will not attend Martin Luther King Day events because he considers
them "a special interest." Asked about his decision, he responded, "Tell
'em to kiss my butt." Then he laughed. Sigh. Having thuggish clowns
running D.C is depressing enough. But Maine is home. We all - state and
nation - deserve better.

"He's very free spoken... He's got a directness about him that a lot of people
find appealing." - LePage spokesman Dan Demeritt.

Update: Hundreds marched on MLK Day, in freezing cold, to protest LePage and his policies. 

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