All Further Articles for 2011-01-10

Monday, January 10, 2011
Sanitizing History, Which, Alas, Is Often Dirty
Last week, an Alabama publishing house announced it would bring out a new edition of Huck Finn that replaces its 219 n-word references with "slave" - an act, says one critic, that "creates a silence around what was." Now cigarettes are magically disappearing from iconic images. If we pretend it didn't happen, will it go away? Hint: Probably not.
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In the NRA's America
Arizona's horrific but by all accounts unsurprising rampage by a legal gun purchaser shows "what a 'Second Amendment remedy' looks like in practice," says the head of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. He blasts weak gun laws that "routinely arm America's deranged and disgruntled."
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GOP On The Constitution: Just Not That Into You
What's In A Name: Republicans love the Constitution. Hence that pointless stunt where they spent $1.1 million of our money to read it in the House. Still, there's the pesky little problem of fundamental rights and liberties as cited in that noble document. We know! Let's take them out! So it is that the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties will now be known as the Constitution Subcommittee. Hey, that was easy.
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The Vitriol In Our National Bloodstream, and The Right's Refusal To See It
Saturday's shootings connected the dots, from inflammatory rhetoric to ugly confrontations, in the current cultural climate. To the right, that represents a key threat : "losing control of the national political narrative." "Within the space of a few hours, the story had been transformed... to a soul-searching meta-narrative: How has our society come to this season in hell, and what must be done to heal us?"
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