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Fix US economy poll: 81% Say Tax Rich and/or Cut Military; 3% Say Cut Social Security

From CBS News:

As Washington gears up for a fight over federal spending and the
national debt, lawmakers may want to consider some new polling figures.

A survey
from CBS News' "60 Minutes" and Vanity Fair magazine shows that most
Americans, given a set limited choices for balancing the national
budget, would prefer to see taxes increased for the wealthy.


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many as 61 percent said they would prefer increasing taxes on the rich
over three other options: cutting defense spending, cutting Medicare or
cutting Social Security. Another 20 percent chose cutting defense
spending as the best option. Just 4 percent said they would cut
Medicare, and just 3 percent said they would cut Social Security.

not surprisingly, those with higher incomes were less inclined to say
increasing taxes on the wealthy would be the best option. Nevertheless,
as many as 46 percent of Americans making more than $100,000 said it was
the best option -- 26 points higher than the next-preferred option,
cutting defense spending.


The poll was conducted at the CBS News interviewing facility among a
random sample of 1,067 adults nationwide, interviewed by telephone Nov.
29-Dec. 2, 2010.

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