All Further Articles for 2011-01-04

Tuesday, January 4, 2011
David "The Mouse King" Koch Booed Despite His $2.5 Million Donation
David Koch, who gives almost as much money to arts types as Tea Partiers, serial polluters, right-wing front groups and other nasty causes, got booed when he appeared at the American Ballet Theatre's Nutcracker at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, even though he paid for it. Can't buy me love, it seems.
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A Garden For Ibrahim
Two years ago today, Israeli ground forces entered Gaza, killing scores – including Kamal and Wafaa Awajah's son, Ibrahim. Jen Marlowe's film tells the anguished hopeful story of one family in Gaza.
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Who Represents 81% of Us???
As Washington gears up for a fight over federal spending and the national debt, lawmakers may want to consider new polling figures.
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A Small But Exceedingly Well-Chronicled Moment In A Long War
The New Yorker explores the iconic moment early in Iraq when the statue of Saddam Hussein was toppled, and what the media's wartime mythmaking - what's been called "the casual fact, the creative imagination, the will to believe" - made of it. Of course Bush officials fed that lie, like all the rest. "The scenes of free Iraqis celebrating in the streets, riding American tanks, tearing down the statues of Saddam Hussein in the center of Baghdad are breathtaking." – Donald Rumsfeld
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