A Deep Dark Pit of Racism

A Deep Dark Pit of Racism

Abby Zimet

Sorrowfully, Israel keeps sinking. First, rabbis urged Israelis not
to rent to Arabs. Now, their wives are urging Israeli girls not to date
or work with Arabs in the name of "saving the daughters of Israel"
from assimilation. The move was blasted by the head of Israel's Reform movement
and even Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who calls it "part of a wave of racism threatening to sweep Israeli society into a dark and dangerous
place." Where will it end?

"Don't date non-Jews, don't work in places
where there are non-Jews, and don't perform national service together
with non-Jews," the letter urges. "They seek your company,
try to get you to like them, and give you all the attention in the
world....(But) as
soon as you're in their hands, in their village, under their control,
everything changes."

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