All Further Articles for 2010-12-22

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Tom Waits' "Hard Ground" Keeps Getting Harder
With a study by U.S. mayors finding family homelessness up 9% this year, it's a bitterly apt time for Tom Waits' "Hard Ground," a portrait of homelessness that combines Michael O'Brien photographs with poems by Waits in the spirit of the James Agee/ Walker Evans classic, "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men." Waits still shies from the term "poetry"; he prefers "inebriational travelogue."
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Pot Mutiny, Wherein the People Lead and the Government Follows
After Montana police busted one Touray Cornell for a tiny bit of pot, potential jurors staged what the prosecutor called "a mutiny," saying no way would they convict anyone for a couple buds of maryjane. In a stunningly sensible solution, lawyers then reached a plea agreement. "Public opinion, as revealed by the reaction of a substantial portion of the members of the jury called... is not supportive of the state's marijuana law and appeared to prevent any conviction from being obtained because an unbiased jury did not appear available under any circumstances."
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No Shame
This is unbelievable. First, Senate Republicans rejected health benefits for 9/11 first responders - and lacked the balls to even show up during debate to "defend" their position. Then, after a group of rescue workers travelled to D.C. from New York , Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn refused to meet with them, and threw them out of the office. As they left, they sang "God Bless America." Man, you gotta hope there's some justice in the universe. Video in More .
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