Video Barbie: They Loved Her In Nuremberg

Video Barbie: They Loved Her In Nuremberg

Abby Zimet

not to get your kid this holiday season, please: a new Barbie Video
Girl with a built-in camera in her chest that can record 30 minutes of
video downloadable to any computer. Tagline: "Unsuspecting subjects
won't know that Barbie is watching their every move." The FBI thought it
was so creepy they issued a warning that Barbie could be used for child pornography. Paul Carr of was way funnier and more forthright in a video review that called her "child abuse waiting to happen." Still, she's sold out all over the oblivious place. Sigh.

"This is for frickin' pedophiles! Imagine this, you go, ‘Oh,
here you are little girl, put this in your bedroom.’  This is f*cked


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