We Are Everywhere, And The Game Has Changed

We Are Everywhere, And The Game Has Changed

Abby Zimet


Julian Assange has been transferred to a segregation unit in prison but remains "quite chipper," his lawyers say, even as a cyber-war in support of him and Wikileaks continues to grow, and morph. Among the developments: Almost 35,000 people have reportedly downloaded software used to disable major sites. Using pseudonyms and taking votes through online chats, the group dubbed Anonymous has at least briefly brought down not just Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and Postfinance, but the sites of the Swedish prosecutor who filed charges against Assange, Sarah Palin, Joe Lieberman and possibly every U.S. senator. A look at how it works here. According to a new memo, they are now changing tactics, moving from denial-of-service attacks to publishing Wikileaks cables in YouTube videos and elsewhere. Finally, a Swedish newspaper reports that former Wikileaks staffers plan to launch their new whistle-blowing site, dubbed OpenLeaks, on Monday.

"We are Everywhere. We are everyone. We are Anonymous." - "Tux"

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