Tax Cuts: The Line In the Sand Just Got Erased

Tax Cuts: The Line In the Sand Just Got Erased

Abby Zimet


Obama's announced
"deal" with Republicans, in which he agreed to extend Bush tax-cuts to the rich that he has long blasted, is profoundly dispiriting. Observers note that "compromise" has morphed into utter capitulation, a multitude of good could be done with that $60 billion, and Obama's cave on an issue that set him apart from his predecessor whatzizname now makes them indistinguishable, which is some seriously depressing.

"You've got to stand where you live. There's got to be some core
value. Over the last two months, the president over 50 times
has said, 'We can't give these tax cuts to the
millionaires and billionaires, that's the line in the sand' – and it
just got erased." – HuffPost's Roy Sekoff on MSNBC's "The Ed Show"



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