Losing Yet Another "War"

Losing Yet Another "War"

Abby Zimet


Christian activists from Faith Action bring their live Christmas
nativity scene to the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill to argue they are protected
by the First Amendment.

Bad and badder. It wasn't enough to be losing the so-called wars on drugs, terror,
wing-nuttery and common sense: We're losing the war on Christmas, too.
Despite the appearance of an atheists-sponsored billboard
outside New York City that is ruffling believers' feathers – "You
KNOW it's a Myth. This season, celebrate REASON," it reads – Christian activists
are bringing their donkeys and camels to town for nativity scenes and retailers
are ditching their "Season's Greetings" and "Family Trees" for, well, you know. In fact, everyone's gotten so
Merry-Christmasy that right-wingers are having trouble finding a store
to single out for its annual "Companies Against Christmas" boycott.
Having already won over Gap, Wal-Mart and Target, they're settling on
Dick's Sporting Goods, which boasts, shockingly, an online "Holiday
Shop." So buy your long johns there.

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