Can Anyone Say Idiots?

Abby Zimet

This-Would-Be-Hilarious-If-So-Many-People-Didn't-Get-Their-"Information"-Here Dept: First Fox runs a story from The Onion about a frustrated Obama losing it and sending out a rambling 75,000-word, 127-page e-mail about everything from Afghanistan to his mother-in-law, and readers think it's real and write outraged responses about his "current state of mental health." Then, duh, somebody tells Fox it's satire and they pull it without ever acknowledging their mistake. Then resident lunatic Glenn Beck goes on the air to rant about Wikileaks and how you might as well not call for "the top" or the police to intervene like they did with people selling fake Pravda handbags (WTF?) "because I believe the police are involved in this." Oh yeah, and Beck's thinking about writing "the definitive American history book" to "correct" all the history we're reading now - hopefully, primarily, most usefully Howard Zinn's "People's History." Where will it end? Probably no place we want to be.

"What you are seeing folks is the human unraveling and development of a self-delusional, irrational madman becoming unhinged. Can anyone say Hitler?" - very excited response to Obama's supposed message to the nation, though this sure sounds like someone else in this story.

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