All Further Articles for 2010-11-19

Friday, November 19, 2010
Welcome, Testicle Searchers of America
A new video offers 44 answers to the sensible question, "What does TSA stand for?"
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They Got (Way) Richer, And You Didn't. Tell Us Again Why Socialism Is Bad?
A new study by The Center for Responsive Politics finds that over half of Congress is made up of millionaires whose household worth rose 19% last year - to $908,255 - even as the national median fell 15%, to $84,000. This, as House Republicans refused to extend benefits to the unemployed.
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Terror Pot. Far Out, Man.
Over 250 federal, state and local officials acted out a counter-terrorism drill in Northern California wherein terrorist pot growers planted a "bomb," took "hostages," and "commandeered" a dam to "free" an imprisoned comrade. The exercise took 18 months to plan and cost $500,000. Marijuana advocates thought it was kinda stupid. No word if the "terrorists" were giggling as they worked.
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NATO Go Now, Please
With talk of a transition in Afghanistan and civilians still major victims of the violence, women from Afghans for Peace reject the pretense the war has in any way helped women. Nine years of NATO occupation have brought only "more suffering, pain and grief."
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