The Kids Are All Right

The Kids Are All Right

Abby Zimet


Hope for the future: After officials of a Minnesota Archdiocese
sent out an inflammatory anti-gay-marriage DVD, students at a local
Catholic school wrote an eloquent, thoughtful editorial in support of
"our gay brothers and sisters," blasting the DVD's "emotional
propaganda," misuse of Martin Luther King's legacy, and equating of gay
marriage with broken homes "without any facts to back it up." The school
administration pulled the piece for "creating a disrespectful
environment (and) confusion about the teachings of the Catholic Church."
Read it anyway.

An excerpt:

The DVD tells us that the legalization of
same-sex marriage will result in a world that no longer cares about a
one-man one-woman vision of marriage, which will in turn result in a
society that is "callous and indifferent to the suffering it imposes on
its own children." How gay marriage results in heterosexual
divorce and poverty, the DVD fails to address.

The DVD also aimed to reject the notion
that the issue of gay marriage is an issue of civil rights. They did
this in the most subtle way imaginable: by having a black man quote
Martin Luther King Jr. The quote in question was from 'Letter from
Birmingham Jail,' and stated that for a law to be just it must be in
line with natural law. What the speaker fails to address is the
very next line of the letter that states, "Any law that degrades human
personality is unjust. All segregation statues are unjust because
segregation distorts the soul."

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