All Further Articles for 2010-11-16

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Curb Stomper, Heal Thyself
Tim Profitt, the Rand Paul thug who head-stomped a MoveOn volunteer, is being arraigned in court Thursday on assault charges. Feeling sorry for himself, he wrote Dea Riley, an independent running for Lt. Governor, to ask for her support. Bad move. In her response , Riley suggests he "embark upon a self evaluation," admits she is "not one to mince words," and proceeds not to. "If you had kicked me...I would have done all I could do to beat your ass into the ground with everything I had in me...You don't put your hands on women - EVER!"
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The Twilight Zone, Or Our Economy Explained
The world's most cogent analysis of why we are all screwed. From the people who explained the Tea Party to us.
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