Doc Green's Weed Cream: Good For What Ails You

Doc Green's Weed Cream: Good For What Ails You

Abby Zimet

As California's Proposition 19 to legalize pot hangs in the fragrant
balance, three young Orthodox Jews in Berkeley continue to sell their
Doc Green's therapeutic healing lotion,
a mix of cannabis and fair-trade shea butter reported to heal
everything from arthritis to excema. Members of an Orthodox medical-marijuana
collective, they argue there is religious history to back up their topical use of pot, which they get from a Sabbath-observant cannabis farm.

"As a Jew, it's about the power to be able to heal people. I want to go to
nursing homes and rub down 85-year-olds who voted for Republicans and
hated pot." – Eliezer "Sticky"
Green, the son of an Orthodox rabbi.

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