All Further Articles for 2010-10-29

Friday, October 29, 2010
Beck's "Us Vs.Them" In All Its Twisted Glory
Charles Wilson, jailed last week for threatening to kill a Washington senator who voted for health care reform, was "under the spell that Glenn Beck cast...his fears were grown and fostered by Beck's persuasive personality," wrote a cousin attesting to Wilson's character. Meanwhile, the chasm grows with a new Sharron Angle ad by the so-called Faith and Freedom Coalition that minces no words. "It's Us versus Them. Big government versus a big belief in faith and freedom."
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To Employees: Enjoy Your Happy, If Coerced, Meal
Now this is chutzpah. An Ohio McDonalds's sent employees a probably illegal letter - in their paychecks, yet - telling them what candidates to vote for to "help our business grow." And guess what? They're Republicans! "If the right people are elected we will be able to continue with raises and benefits... If others are elected we will not."
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When People Speak Up, It Does Get Better
The Arkansas school board member who went on a hate-filled, anti-gay rant on Facebook resigned last night on Anderson Cooper's show after apologizing (for his words, not the feelings behind them). Responding to a school spirit day to honor bullied kids who committed suicide, Clint McCance had said he wanted all "queers" to kill themselves. People, thankfully, protested . Today's technology, thankfully, helped .
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Slaves to Chocolate
Sorry chocolate lovers, but bad news this Halloween: After a decade of legislative pressure and "voluntary" efforts, most big companies still bear the taint of child labor and slavery. To be safe, buy organic and fair trade. Or check out the ratings here . Tip: Kraft and Mars are slightly better (D+), Hersheys is the worst (F).
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For Once, Can't Buy Me Love (But Could Help Low-Income Seniors)
Of all the money wasted on campaigns, aspiring GOP California governor Meg Whitman takes the questionable cake, spending $140 million, or more than anyone ever. Suggestions abound as to what else she could have done with her loot, from tacos for all to free medical clinics. She's still losing. And she spent 90 grand a month on a political strategist who ran an ad that endorses Jerry Brown.
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