GOP: No Painting Outside the Lines, Thanks

Abby Zimet

Litmus Test Dept: House Republicans are preparing for an expected deluge of clueless
Tea Baggers in the new Congress by encouraging them to drink the time-tested Kool-Aid, reports Roll Call. They are urging them to fill out ideological surveys
by two conservative think tanks vetting them on key issues like health
care, gays in the military, their feelings on Planned Parenthood vs. the
NRA, and their personal hero, who in all likelihood should probably not be Fidel Castro.
They're also generously offering to hook the newcomers up with Washington-savvy staffers and lobbyists who "know the ropes" - ie: have good corporate connections. No mavericks need apply. 

 "There is obviously a lot of interest by
conservative groups in finding and placing good conservative staffers in
potentially new positions."

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