Hebron Aid Flotilla To Fight Injustice of Gazan Arabs' Luxury Hotels. Really.

Abby Zimet


Brazen: The Brooklyn-based Hebron Fund's annual fundraising event
is a November dinner cruise dubbed an Aid Flotilla. Suggesting donation
levels up to $100,000, its goal is to "raise our voices and take out
our checkbooks" to protest "the evil discrimination" against Hebron's
Jewish settlers who must live amidst "the incessant construction of the
Arabs of Gaza." One weeps. In contrast to these evil fictions, here's
what you should know about the "open-air prison" that is Palestinian Hebron.

The Hebron Fund on "the supposed suffering" in Gaza: "While the Arabs build and open luxury hotels and state-of the-art
shopping malls, the Jews of Hebron live in impossible conditions... While
the Arabs of Gaza are free to build wherever and whatever they like,
our children are arrested for planting gardens and installing park
benches in violation of the 'building freeze.'"

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