All Further Articles for 2010-10-22

Friday, October 22, 2010
Wikileaks' Iraq War Logs Released
Massive leak of military logs exposes serial abuse of detainees, 15,000 previously unknown deaths and full toll of Iraq's five years of carnage. Full coverage here .
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Hebron Aid Flotilla To Fight Injustice of Gazan Arabs' Luxury Hotels. Really.
The Brooklyn-based Hebron Fund's annual fundraising event – with donations up to $100,000 – is a dinner cruise brazenly dubbed an "Aid Flotilla." Its goal is to "raise our voices and take out our checkbooks" to protest "the evil discrimination" against Jewish settlers who must live amidst "the incessant construction" of Arab Gaza. What about these evil fictions? Here's what you should know about the "open-air prison" that is Palestinian Hebron. The Fund on "the supposed suffering" in Gaza: "While the Arabs build luxury hotels and shopping malls, the Jews of Hebron live in impossible conditions. While the Arabs are free to build wherever and whatever they like, our children are arrested for planting gardens and installing park benches in violation of the 'building freeze.'"
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