All Further Articles for 2010-10-13

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Doing Exactly As They Have Been Trained
Disturbing videos of detainee abuse - subtle, mental and degrading, not Abu-Ghraib-brutal - have been released by Ethan McCord, the veteran who wrote the "Open Letter of Reconciliation & Responsibility to the Iraqi People" after his Bravo Company's actions were captured in Wikileaks' "Collateral Murder" video. Their behavior, he stresses, is the norm. "While your anger may initially be placed with the soldiers in the videos, I think your anger should be directed towards the system that trained them."
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The Eternal Life Of A Happy (If Lethal) Meal
Artist and photographer Sally Davies bought a McDonald's burger and fries on April 26. She left it on a table, uncovered, for six months. Through a New York City summer. After 180 days, it looked exactly the same - no mold, no bugs, no decomposition - except for a slight "acrylic sheen." We report. You decide if you want to eat this stuff.
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Brave New World of Anomaly Detection
The military's high-tech Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency hopes to identify the next Fort Hood or Wikileaks candidate before, not after, they act by going through data to find "malevolent insiders that started out as ‘good guys.'" Alas, the so-called Anomaly Detection at Multiple Scales project may or may not be able to reliably predict future behavior by sifting through your emails.
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A People's Silence Is A People's Complicity
This week a diverse coalition in Berkeley, Ca. is holding "No to Torture" events dubbed "a week of conscience and community." Noting that many Bush/Cheney abuses - torture and "the shredding of basic legal and human rights" – continue, organizers hope others will use their model to raise "a multitude of voices" against torture.
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