FearStock: When Reality Is Not As Terrifying As You Need It To Be

Abby Zimet

Read about the original picture by freelance journalist Chris Floyd here.

When it was revealed that both Sharron Angle and David Vitter, two fear-mongering GOP Senate candidates, were reduced to using the same stock photos of scary-looking Hispanics labelled "illegal aliens," Stephen Colbert helpfully announced
he would address the "tragic shortage" by starting his own "fear-based
photo service." Now it turns out the guys in the picture are actually Mexican farmers unhappy their crops failed - in Mexico.


aren't enough stock photos of scary minorities out there to represent
all the scary minorities we know have got to be out there," said
Colbert. I mean, when you do a search for stock photos of Hispanics, all you
get are Mexicans, who I assume have been photoshopped to look like they
love their families." 

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