All Further Articles for 2010-10-08

Friday, October 8, 2010
War Is (Bad) Business
In its 10th year, the war in Afghanistan has given us Taliban and war lords as guards , plus these troubling facts: the U.S. spends three times more on private contractors than its own personnel; contractors account for half the rise in war spending from $7.2 to $62 billion; the U.S. has spent $1.121 trillion on defense-related expenses like military operations, foreign aid and veterans' health care, with 94% going to wars. More on what we do and spend here and here . Rethink Afghanistan here.
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Plastic Notoriety
Hey kids! Get your own Christine O'Donnell witch action figure for just $39.95! Other treats from HeroBuilders , makers of "world famous custom action figures," include Scott Brown (naked, with fig leaf), Tony "Wanker" Hayward (with BP Polluted Ocean Globe that shakes down black snow), Nancy Pelosi (with an inexplicable waterboard) and Rod Blagojevich ($149.95, with a fist full of hundreds.) Capitalism is a wonder.
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