Controlling Metal – And Even Bias? – With His Mind

Controlling Metal – And Even Bias? – With His Mind

Abby Zimet

The Silver Scorpion, a Muslim boy in a wheelchair after losing his legs to a landmine, is the newest superhero
to hit the comics stands, the brainchild of a group of disabled young
Americans and Syrians brought together by a U.S. philanthropist. It
seems a marvelous idea - battling bad guys and two count 'em two
sterotypes at once - but, alas, the wingnuts at Family Security Matters
worry that Muslim superheroes in comics send entirely the wrong message
in these uncertain times. To them, it's "the latest exercise in Muslim
propaganda," especially given the radical rhetoric of a Kuwaiti
psychologist who created another series called "The Ninety-Nine." Good
thing Roadrunner and Wily Coyote send such peace-loving,
let's-all-get-along messages.

imams today are still preaching in the rhetoric of the seventh century
without regard to contemporary reality. But unlike Jesus and Mohammad,
they preach not of future rewards for living a just life as Allah
promised. Instead, they offer their rewards to those who devote
themselves to the genocide of those who they have anointed our enemies....It
is finally time that all of us became more accountable for that which
our children will be hearing; tiny differences setting us apart rather
than celebrating those positive things that bind all good people
together." -  Kuwaiti psychologist Dr Naif Al-Mutawa, who created his comic-book series after hearing anti-Western anger from an imam.


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