All Further Articles for 2010-09-21

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
If You Do Not Build It, Then They Cannot Come
The international campaign to boycott the new Ariel theater in the West Bank has gained two big Jewish names - conductor Daniel Barenboim and architect Frank Gehry, who has also stepped down from the so-called Museum of Tolerance being built in Jerusalem. They join a protest of Israeli occupation by over 200 artists, many Jewish, from Stephen Sondheim and Tony Kushner to Amos Oz and David Grossman. "Architects and planners are the key implementers of the Israeli policy of occupying Palestinian land...(Gehry's stand) once and for all ends the mythical firewall between architecture, policy, and human rights." - Cecilie Surasky, Jewish Voice for Peace.
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To You Good Muslims: We Know You're Not the Bad Muslims, But Please Pray On Another Day Anyway
We are ashamed of our local so-called newspaper, the Portland Press Herald, whose editor ran a grovelling apology after running a feel-good story about 3,000 area Muslims praying to mark the end of Ramadan but not "offering balance" by noting it was 9/11, the anniversary of a day when a few crazy Muslims did something awful. Then the so-called editor sort of retracted the apology or maybe he didn't, but anyway do let's kowtow to every wave of mindless hateful hysteria in the land, shall we?
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Beware: Big Money Talks, Denies Climate Change and Buys Elections More Than Ever Before
With elections coming up, money is pouring in from the rich and right, which gives us pause. FEC filings show that Karl Rove's American Crossroads, busy attacking anyone left of Ronald Reagan, is funded entirely by billionaires. And the Koch brothers are busy with diversionary tactics – the White House is picking on them! – as they spend millions opposing climate legislation and funding a Koch clone candidate in their native Kansas. So dig deep.
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My Friend Ahmed
A cool little story out of Lyon, France, where a stonemason has immortalized his colleague Ahmed Benzizine, an Algerian Muslim stonemason who for decades has worked on the cathedral there, with an 'Ahmed' gargoyle modelled on him. It is inscribed "God Is Great" in French and Arabic. The big-hearted gesture prompted a swift outcry from right-wingers. These people grow tiresome.
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Monday, September 20, 2010
Suffer the Little Children, Also Gays and Women
As many as 20,000 angry protesters greeted the Pope in London - a crowd so large and angry it surprised organizers and observers alike. A slideshow of signs reflect a new, sometimes darkly hilarious rage at the church, its cover-ups of child abuse and its stubbornly reactionary stands on social issues.
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