We Have Gone Astray

We Have Gone Astray

Abby Zimet

Western Wall on Yom Kippur AP File 2008

It is Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. Writing in Ha'aretz, Bradley Burston prays for help to "turn this life around" and find justice for all. Until then, injustice prevails. From Mondoweiss,
a tale of the Freedom Theater, the Palestinian rap group DAM's first
open-air concert in Jenin, and the victims of the mundane cruelty of the occupation.

"Pound on my heart. Find the list I have lost in there...This is the list: This is the year the war ends. This is the year I
change the vocabulary of my blood. This is the year of pride in peace.
This is the year when the world begins to turn around. This is the year
when people, whoever their parents, are one color."

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