All Further Articles for 2010-09-17

Friday, September 17, 2010
We Have Gone Astray
It is Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. In Ha'aretz , Bradley Burston prays to "turn this life around" and find justice for all. For now, injustice prevails. From Mondoweiss , a tale of the Freedom Theater, the Palestinian rap group DAM's open-air concert in Jenin, and the victims of the routine, mundane cruelty of o ccupation. "Pound on my heart. Find the list I have lost in there...This is the list: This is the year the war ends. This is the year I change the vocabulary of my blood. This is the year of pride in peace. This is the year when people, whoever their parents, are one color."
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On God, "Sex In The City," and Iraq As A Crack House
The upset victory of Christine O'Donnell, Delaware GOP Senate hopeful and one more teabag nutcase, has inspired a flood of reports on the weird things she's said. Think Progress has compiled a digest - O'Donnell on condoms spreading AIDS, gay "deviants" getting away with nudity, God speaking to her directly, school shootings as divine punishment for no prayer in school and other revelations - so we don't have to.
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In Iraq, Still A Relative – And Deadly – Universe
Despite the much-touted "end" of U.S. combat in Iraq, the blood keeps flowing. A reported 18 people, including civilians, were killed in a bombing and a firefight, and raids by U.S.- Iraqi Special Ops forces have spiked . With 9/11 fresh in our minds, some new graphs make stunningly clear the scale of the ongoing carnage. So do their numbers: Iraq endures over 27 Fort Hoods a day, and a Sept. 11 every 8 days.
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Rally: I Disagree With You, But I'm Pretty Sure You're Not Hitler
Good times. The very classy Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have announced duelling rallies in Washington on Oct. 30: Stewart's Rally To Restore Sanity will meet Colbert's March to Keep Fear Alive . Beck be gone. Hope lives.
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