Israeli-Style Intel For Gay Pride and BP Opponents

Israeli-Style Intel For Gay Pride and BP Opponents

Abby Zimet

seems not only was Pennsylvania's homeland security office issuing
"terror" bulletins on peaceful gatherings of involved citizens, but the
agency doing the spying was the murky, Israeli "Institute of Terrorism
Research and Response," dubbed "the preeminent Israeli/American security
firm providing training, intelligence and education to clients across
the globe." ITRR reported on an anti-BP candelight vigil, a gay pride
festival and a rally for higher education - all some sinister stuff -
with data apparently then sent to Israel. Gov. Ed Rendell cancelled the
ITRR contract and even former Homeland Security head Tom Ridge called
the program "rather bizarre." Add, scary. 

"They have a difference of opinion." - Tom Ridge, allowing as how gas-industry critics aren't terrorists.

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