Bush's Poodle Gets A Medal, But Is Still A War Criminal To Most of His Country & Some of Ours

Bush's Poodle Gets A Medal, But Is Still A War Criminal To Most of His Country & Some of Ours

Abby Zimet

An anti-war demonstrator, dressed as bloodied former British prime minister Tony Blair, stands outside the Iraq war inquiry, which began last month in London. Photo from Getty Images.

news that by all rights should come from the Onion, former British P.M.
Tony Blair has been awarded the Liberty Medal by Bill Clinton for his (ready?)
"steadfast commitment to conflict
resolution" - in Ireland and Kosovo, not  Iraq, where he helped kill,
wound and render homeless several hundred thousand innocent people. The
medal will no doubt help Blair, routinely dubbed a war criminal, peddle his new memoir. But David
Swanson, co-founder of AfterDowningStreet.org, suggests another book: "Failing
Intelligence: The True Story of How We Were Fooled
into Going to War in Iraq," by Brian Jones, former head of the UK
Defense Intelligence Staff's nuclear, biological, and chemical section.
Jones tells the truth about Blair's lies on Iraq and its alleged WMDs; in a more perfect
world, he gets the prize.


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