All Further Articles for 2010-09-10

Friday, September 10, 2010
White House Turns Down 'Free Solar Panel' Offer...
I just walked out of a disappointing meeting with the White House: they refused to accept the Carter solar panel we came to Washington to deliver and said that they would continue their "deliberative process" to discuss putting solar panels back on the White House roof. Well, we're done deliberating. When Pakistan is under water, Russia is on fire, and millions of people are ready for clean energy jobs, it's not time to deliberate: it's time to get to work .
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XE in 3-D: Coming To A Theater Near You
Blackwater's Erik Prince is peddling a memoir that alleges, entirely plausibly, that Clinton and Obama officials - not just Bush - approved his clandestine operations. The ever-slimy Prince is also said to be developing a movie script about his life and high times - including multiple charges of murder, fraud and the slaughter of Iraqi civilians. Who said crime doesn't pay?
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