Dirty Tricks, Cynical Times

Dirty Tricks, Cynical Times

Abby Zimet

Thomas Meadows, Tarot card reader and Green Party candidate 

Just when we thought Arizona's political scene couldn't get any
weirder - repeat after us: John McCain, Jan Brewer,
immigration - along comes GOP political operative Steve May, who is recruiting drifters, street people and Tarot card readers to run as Green
Party candidates in local races to siphon off votes from Democrats. Some of them have worked up some pithy sound bites – “This is not the land of the
free – it’s the land of what’s for sale” – but May is clearly using them for his own slimy purposes. Is this
the ultimate cynicism or what?

"What's happening here just doesn't wash. It doesn't pass
the smell test." - Jackie
Thrasher, former Democratic legislator.


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