Keeping It Truthy

Keeping It Truthy

Abby Zimet

Nation, America is at a crossroad. Truthiness is at an all-time low,
with our citizens increasingly "shackled, imprisoned, entombed" by
so-called "facts." A movement is abroad in this fine if
leaning-into-Socialism land for Stephen Colbert to lead a "Restoring
Truthiness Rally" at the Lincoln Memorial on 10/10/10, to save us.
Spread the truthy word.  

"What have we lost, America? Our way, our values, our guiding
light, and possibly, if she doesn't turn up at the back door soon, our
cat... Let's move out of the
blinding glare of facts, knowledge and truth, and curl up together in
the dark, cozy, and disturbingly moist comfort of truthiness."

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