Young Guys Getting Blown Up, For Real, Right In Your Living Room! Now That's Entertainment!

Abby Zimet

War As Reality Show Dept: Appealing to a "young male demographic with
varied interests" - aka potential recruits - the Navy and Comcast cable
subsidiary G4 are planning a new reality show
wherein cameras follow an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Unit from
training to Afghanistan so folks back home can see how it looks when
people get blown up. No word yet from the makers of "Bomb Patrol:
Afghanistan" on how they'll deal with casualties. G4 president Neal
Tiles says the show will showcase "all the real-life
drama, teamwork, danger and triumph that goes along with this
specialized job." Rachel Maddow says that, with support for the war flagging, "killing American
soldiers over there can make for some good home-front entertainment."


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 "While one day's patrol could result in the successful disarmament
of a 50-pound roadside bomb via remote-controlled robot, another could
put an EOD tech wearing a 70-pound protective bomb suit in direct
contact with a potentially deadly IED." - press release on the show


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