The Intifada of the Unarmed Protest

The Intifada of the Unarmed Protest

Abby Zimet

An Israeli military court has convicted
Abdullah Abu Rahma, known to many as the Palestinian Ghandi for leading
weekly protests in Bil'in against the apartheid wall, of
incitement and organizing illegal demonstrations - the first such
conviction since the first Intifada, and pretty easy to get since the
law essentially bans any Palestinian protest. He was acquitted of the
Daily-Show-worthy charge of stone-throwing and arms
possession for collecting used bullet cases and tear-gas projectiles as
evidence of IDF violence. More on the travesty that has become, most
sorrowfully,  Israeli "justice" here. 

Under military law,
incitement is defined as "The attempt, verbally or otherwise, to
influence public opinion in the Area in a way that may disturb the
public peace or public order."

Bassem Abu Rahma of Bil’in, another popular Palestinian leader, killed last year by an IDF soldier during a peaceful demonstration against the

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